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●Comprehensive use of 3 main advanced manufacturing technology of sintered

Nd-Fe-B combined with our own modifications:
Double Alloying: Sub-alloy in big proportion,helpful in mixing with main alloy evenly. Strip- Casting: Inner circulating cooling water kept at 10℃±2℃ to have excellent crystallized ingot.
Hydrogen Decrepitating: This technology and equipment was developed and manufactured by ourselves. It has accurate temperature and pressure control to have ingot crush evenly and completely, and excellent anti-oxidizing.

●Multi-step compound milling

Multi-step compound milling is used to make sure small evenly distribution of smaller powder particles.
Jet-milling is modified to keep Nitrogen in cooling so that the fine powder will not be get heated, and increase powder yield

●Powder Mixing

We have large powdering tank up to 1.2 ton to that magnet property will have conformance for one order.
Powders are mixed 3 times to make sure the powders are even and conformance: One-hour mixing when anti-oxidizing agent add after Hydrogen crushing. Two-hour mixing when minute quantity of alloy elements added after primary grinding. Four-hour mixing after fine grinding.

●Large block shape magnet forming

Floating two-way mold pressing technology
This technology will improve the density distribution within the magnet block so that no inner crack, small shape distortion resulting in less surface grinding.
Two-step forming
For extra large block magnet,two-step preformed processing is used to solve inner crack problem. The maximum one directional length could reach as long as 150mm.

●Special Tools and Fixtures for Sintering

This will reduce the oxidizing and shape distortion of magnet resulting in smaller grinding need less than 1.0mm double sides.

●Moving cathode coating

This was developed by our company to have evenly coating surface for large block magnets.